Pushkablue Data Communications Ltd is the leading developer and manufacturer of Remote Console access and Power Reboot solutions for the network appliance industry.

Our technologies are deployed in over 80 countries, enabling network operators to diagnose and fix network problems in minutes, regardless of geographical location.

Network Appliance faults can be dealt with in minutes, regardless of geographical location, keeping site downtime to a absolute minimum.

Pushkablue Data Communications Ltd have solutions for small branch offices to larger Data Centres.  They have been designed to work with leading Network Appliances such

as: Cisco, Juniper, Checkpoint, Fortigate, Palo Alto, Sonic Wall and Bluecoat.

Our Technologies are:

Cost effective,

Simple to use,

Very secure


and a Great Reputation of Reliability.

If you would like to learn more; Please see our Products page or please feel free to Contact us with any Global network appliance operations issues you may have?


9th JANUARY 2016

Pushkablue Data Communications Ltd will enter Voluntary Liquidation (MVL) on January-February 2017

contact: Martin Saunders ( 07955 877256 ) if there are any questions.