The Out of Band Management Solutions Company

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Martin Saunders,

Managing Director & Co Founder

Pushkablue Data Communications Ltd, is a family business , which designs, develops and manufactures Remote Console Access and Power Reboot Solutions for the Network Appliance market.

Pushkablue Data Communications Ltd was established in 1995 to re-sell “niche” technology products such as Leased line data compression.

In 1999, Pushkablue changed technology direction. It identified the business potential for Out of Band management Solutions for the Managed Network Services industry.

Pushkablue secured a distribution agreement with one of the leading Remote Console Access and Power Reboot Companies in the United States of America, which proved to be very successful.

However, by 2002, It became clear that being a Distributor had its limitations.

Pushkablue was solely reliant on the manufacturer to provide the correct products for the market place. It was therefore decided to design and develop it’s own technologies.